The Winnipesaukee Train runs from Meredith NH along Meredith Bay clinging to a shelf dug out over 100 years ago for the fast Montreal trains that passed through here. It is a downhill ride most of the way from Meredith to Weirs Beach and the view is spectacular of the Lake, Belknap Mountain and of the islands.

Now we are on a level with the lake and we arrive at Weirs Beach, home of the MV MT Washington. After a brief stop to pick up passengers, we continue our ride to Lakeport all the way along the shore of "Paugus Bay" past seasonal residences on the right of the train with the cool blue water of Paugus Bay on the left. Several Marinas are passed through as well as the one mile shoreline of "Southdown Shores", A gated condominium complex.

After passing through the several gated communities as well as a group of shoreline houses in Paugus Park, we arrive at the turning point of the ride at Lakeport NH. There is no station here so passengers relax on board, watch the boats and enjoy the breeze or use the brief lull to venture to our "Ice Cream Car". Visit the Ice Cream Car that is on the North end of the train. Inside you will find a Rest Room, Ice Cream, Snacks, Soft Drinks, Gifts and of course our "Hobo Picnic Lunch".

Lakeport is the only water outlet from the lake. From here all the water flows over a small dam to Lake Winnisquam then to Silver Lake in Belmont NH, through Tilton to form the MerrimacK River. On most trips our engine disconnects from the coaches and runs up track along side to couple to the other end. Then after the conductor gives us the OK we couple the engine to the cars we head carefully north to Weirs again.

We stop for a few minutes at Weirs Beach again but this time northbound to handle passengers, we then leave for the return up the shoreline towards Meredith.

At the top of the lake at Meredith Bay we arrive at the train station there. This is the turning point for our train as we go no further north. We then repeat the trip to Weirs Beach, Lakeport and back to Meredith for another scenic journey for our new passengers.

We offer a history page for those that are interested in the heritage of the railroad line and If you feel that something a little diffferent is what you had in mind, try our caboose ride tickets or even our caboose charters for your group.