Piano Parlor Car 103

Built in 1954 for use on the Canadian National Railroad, Piano – Parlor Car 103, “Determination”, was operated in Pullman service across Canada during the bustling post war years. The railcar’s classic interior decor evokes timeless memories of travel during the “Golden Age” of railroading. The car earned its keep working in Trans-Canadian Service until the mid-1990’s.   Click any image to enlarge

After a brief retirement, the 103 was purchased for use by the Bangor & Aroostook Railroad as part of their “executive” or “business train”. The passenger car was outfitted as a companion vehicle to operate in conjunction with Pullman Palace Car number 100. With a seating capacity of about 30, full flushing restrooms and a food service area, the 103 will provide a splendid backdrop for our scenic Fall Foliage Trains.

The “Determination” features an elegant grand piano, complete with automatic player option. In 2003, the Bangor & Aroostook deemed the 103 surplus to their operational needs and the classic Pullman ventured to New Hampshire to take up residence among the foothills of the White Mountains Region as well as at the shore of Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire's Lakes Region. This exclusive elegant car is now in the loving hands of FoliageTrains.Com making the “Determination” available for service “along New Hampshire’s lakes, and through the White Mountains”.